While others spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to find an income generating investment property, with us, you’ll spend almost none of your capital! We will provide you with creative financing options. You never have to go through the stress and hassle of downsizing to an unfamiliar apartment building. You can simply choose a suitable home design and build on your backyard, for different stages of your life. All with little or almost none of your cash!

With over three decades of experience behind us in the construction industry, we are immensely adept at managing cost-efficient, high-quality constructions. At South Green Construction, we pride ourselves at providing our customers and clients with valuable one-to-one financing consultation services at no extra cost.

With our financing consultation service, we provide obtainable financing options for your project. We also help you cut costs effectively and efficiently; all without impacting negatively on the quality of the construction or the schedule of completion.



We don’t just help clients design and build dream laneway homes, we also provide property management services to our clients if needed.

We are able to help you evaluate your laneway property and accurately determine the rental rate, market your property for rent, screen and select tenant, draw up leasing agreement and review lease guidelines, collect rent, and facilitate evictions.

Whatever your legal, maintenance, or financial management needs, we provide a detailed scope of property management services that ensures you enjoy full benefits on your property.



We don’t only build dream houses and one-of-a-kind edifices, we are committed to doing so with budget maximization in mind. Leveraging on our strong relationships with suppliers at different stages of the construction value chain, we are able to offer competitive pricing on our projects.

We care about your finances and budget. With us, you never have to worry about exceeding your budgets or going overboard with costs. We have a very strict budget control system to ensure that our clients are always on track with their spending on the construction.


Selection &

A precise and careful site selection is integral to the success of any construction project. With our broad expertise and experience, we confidently provide invaluable guidance on choosing the perfect location for our clients. Our feasibility studies take into account salient parameters including zoning laws, municipal regulations, as well as geotechnical and environmental issues.

With our site planning services, we coordinate with developers, produce architectural drawings, source for suppliers, produce growth mapping charts and estimation reports, as well as liaise with local town planning departments.


Design &

We offer a complete design and construction service spectrum. With an expedient in-house capability to deliver floor and site plans, Site Plan Approval level submissions, and elevations, we pride ourselves at providing utmost satisfaction to our clients.

With our unmatched ability to effectively and efficiently manage time constraints, control costs and risks, as well as provide a one-of-a-kind budget control, we stand uniquely different from the competition. With an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise of our team, we consistently churn out remarkable projects.