At South Green Construction, we are committed to consistently taking a hands-on approach towards the following processes:



The beginning of every project is highly important. At South Green Construction, we place special focus on the pre-construction phases of all our projects. Our pre-construction staff carry out financial and business assessments, where they learn about your visions, goals, current needs, and future projections of the project, as well as financial realities.
Concurrently, our engineers and architects begin mechanical, architectural, and electrical assessments, and perform a complete review of any smoke and fire preparations, existing floor plans, structural systems, and interior room finishes. All the while, our design team collects valuable information, whilst surveyors carry out field assessments to ready the site for construction.
With every key information gathered, we help identify the perfect design and construction program that best help our clients achieve their goals; all within their budget and time constraints.



With a solid understanding of your finances, aesthetic needs, as well as project schedule, site, costs, and mechanical and architectural requirements, we are able to incorporate cost savings into your preferred design. Our teams work hand-in-hand to bring to life a design that effectively and efficiently balances all needs.

At South Green Construction, we stand uniquely different from the competition. With our advanced and innovative construction techniques, we showcase early design stages, and fully highlight schedule and data-oriented cost estimates. Our clients can see how various design solutions affect price, appearance, and schedule. As such, they can make informed decisions and specify performance requirements; while our teams can effectively add value, reduce project costs, and proceed smoothly with the project.

After deciding on the perfect design, we can then proceed to the preliminary drawings, and progress smoothly into detailed schematics and designs. Cost estimates are produced at 30%, 60%, and 90% completion.



This is a culmination of the project processes. While design progresses, the site is being readied! By overlapping design and construction, we are able to deliver a timely build, ensuring that all schedules are met.

Before construction starts, we go over the logistics and project expectations with you, and provide ongoing weekly updates throughout the period of the construction. We begin construction upon client approval.

The construction process includes ground breaking, framing, locking up, painting, and appliance installation. Basically from ground to finish.



Upon the completion of your new or renovated building, we provide a post-construction handoff, which includes instructional videos, hands-on training, walk-throughs, and core documentations for management teams and owners.